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What is Environmental Scanning?
The act of identifying and documenting an increase in frequency in activities, beliefs and behaviors from newspapers, magazines, books, TV, radio and the Internet and many other sources. One searches for such phrases as "a growing number of people…", "increasingly…," a trend is developing in…" which are indicators of a trend. ES is the act of finding more than one reference to the same phenomenon. By environmental scanning one can learn to distinguish trends from the general flood of information put out by the media. One learns to analyze the direction development appears to be headed in a variety of areas. From such trends one can has a solid basis for creating possible scenarios, both possible and desirable.
Scanning Insight (External video link)
Why Environmental Scanning?
In order to:
  • Understand what is happening today and realize the importance this might have on the future
  • Look at the current situation from many different viewpoints
  • Put together many different pictures of reality, try to see patterns or parts of the systems to which the information refers
  • Learn to think in new ways

Suggestions to scanning areas (variables)
Food and food production
Housing and community planning
Information technology
Transportation and tourism
Culture, entertainment, sports
Family life

Values and lifestyle
Community Development
Work and work life



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