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Where futures research, education and action meet
11-12 June 2015, Turku, Finland
Futures Studies Tackling Wicked Problems

Donella Meadows Institute Last Call: A Documentary Film About The Limits to Growth.Trailer
Watch the whole documentary with Swedish subtitles.
"There are physical limits to growth which, given current trends, are very likely to be encountered even within the lifetime of our children…The most likely outcome of running into these limits if we continue to ignore them is that we'll overshoot those limits and collapse…Every year we delay decreases our ultimate options." –Dennis Meadows, 1972

The Biggest Wake uo Call in History Read Natalie's review of "The Biggest Wake up Call in History" by Richard A. Slaughter.

The future means change – what is your change profile? Read more here!
Foresight Styles Assessment - a creation of Visionscentret Framtidsbygget.

The Anatomy of Change Blog
Nelson Mandela The School of Life Read more here!


Entry to the Signs of the Times archive

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Brain Plasticity Future Salon with Professor Michael M Merzenich Part 1  

A new perspective about the end of times  

The image is borrowed from http://innovaro.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/futurist-what-people-think-i-do/

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"Building the Future"
a Model for Futures Studies

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