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From Welfare State to Market Economy - "It's enough to make you sick"


It is well known that the sick leave statistics in Sweden have been unusually high. Particularly when it comes to longer sick leaves. Many explanations have been presented at conferences and in the media: the problem lies with the workplace, with the doctors, with cheating individuals, with parts of the different system that don't work together, with the national insurance etc. Everyone thinks they have found the solution.
See also this link www.lusth.se


Is a vision something for us?
When is a vision only wishful thinking?
What do researchers say about visions?

These and other questions answered in

A Vision For You?

Three of Sweden's 36 colleagues have visions and one has an ethical platform. They are presented as examples of how visions are applied in Sweden. According to researchers powerful visions are based on core values and contain an expressed mission. A vision should be short, dynamic and easy to remember. Core values never change. Visions must be updated. Not even the best of visions and core values can give results if they are not implemented every day throughout the whole organization.


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