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"Inner and Outer Leadership" is a flexible leadership training that grows with you. There are four different parts to the leadership puzzle:
  • that which has to do with your own personal growth (inner self)
  • that which has to do with your relationship to subordinates, higher leadership and co workers (inner leadership)
  • that which has to do with planning and administration (Outer leadership)
  • and that which is a part of your company's or departments system and long-range planning (Outer management).

Start with the puzzle bit that is the most relevant at this time. Certification is given after participation in one course from each of the four puzzle bits. Every certificate states the specific subjects studied. Below you will find examples of the subjects under each piece of the puzzle. Participants will be required to read introduction material prior to the course start date. The actual course is a combination of exercises, discussions, videos, roll plays and more. A list of source material comes with each course.

Although the emphasis in each course is skill development the theories behind each course are presented. All the course material in "Inner and Outer" Leadership is based on a trust for the good in people, a belief that people can learn new behaviors, an understanding of the importance of sustainable development and the need for meaning in work. The material also assumes that people need leadership but that responsible leadership is more important than power.

Inner Self
Problem Solving
Handling Conflict
Handling Stress
Outer Leadership
Strategic Planning
Customer and client   relationships
Organization Change
Inner Leadership
Leading others
Supervising and leadership   roll
Developing others
Team Building
Outer Management
Environmental   Scanning
Long-range planning
Working across   disciplines


Tailored-made courses:

We create courses in Inner and Outer
leadership that are tailored specifically to the needs of your organization. Courses can be arranged in your country. Course language - English

Contact information:

Tel: + 46 322 50074
E- mail: visionscentret@framtidsbygget.se



The Future Begins Now!

The Future Begins Now! is a basic course in handling conflict where one learns skills for the job in a two day format. We practice techniques in the following subjects that are both preventative and practical when and before conflict occurs:

  1. How one affirms others
  2. How one gives honest complements
  3. What is respect? (Participants definition)
  4. How one, in practice, shows respect
  5. How one calms an angry or frustrated person
  6. How one can acknowledge others opinions without agreeing with them
  7. How one can change a conflict to a discussion



The goal of this course is to give participants told that can be used directly after returning to the work place.
Here you can read what the participants thought were positive, negative and interesting in the course.


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