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The Future begins now! - a course in handling conflict. A course for Varbergs Kommun Bockstens School with 11 participants. Presentation of practical techniques and related practice exercises including: Basic Values Charts; what is respect? (Participants definitions), how one, actually shows respect, how one calms an angry or frustrated person, how one can validate others views without agreeing with them, how one changes a conflict to a conversation.
Possibilities and methods for Malmïllege 2015. A Lecture for 35 members of the leadership which highlights what a vision is and the different processes for creating one. Why do so many want a vision? Futures Studies, desired scenarios, core values, today's trends, parts of a vision.
Story telling and the changing of values all over the world. Story telling and the changing of values all over the world Read the lecture here...
What is happening in the world around us and how is it impacting us? Workshop for 15 persons in future product development for a leading adult education company. Goal: to stimulate thoughts about the world outside the company and effects that trends that can have on a company's product array. Included: today's trends, trend analysis, what this means for the organization, what is desirable and what is possible. Tools that were used were trends, Futures Wheel, possibility/desirability analysis.
Leadership training for a city staff of about 10 people. The goal was to understand the leadership group's way of handling change and long-range thinking in relation to other powers within the city. Basic tools were the Futures Style Inventory, exercises and discussion. Subjects were: Personal styles, the group's style and what this means for cooperation with other parts of the system.
Scenario process. A scenario process was held for 100 participants from city government and local business in order to create a desirable scenario that would describe the future of the city. Participants were elected officials, department heads, small, female and young company owners from all different fields plus larger companies involved in production, IT and construction. The Goal: to stimulate active participation in creating a vision between the city and its businesses. During half day meetings with smaller groups lasting several weeks, the groups worked with trends, trend analysis and scenario writing. Four scenarios outlines were written in small groups which became the four scenarios that were presented before a large gathering where all who participated attended.
Development of six project leaders for an international European Union sponsored project "Trend Breakers". Goal: to spread the concept of "Building the FutureTM" (FramtidsbyggetTM and test our ability to teach the model to others. Methods were lectures, roll play, video, learning by doing and discussion. The concept of "Building the futureTM" what is Futures Studies, futures tools, paradigms, choosing participants and administration were taught.

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