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The Vision Center for Futures Creation challenges you who believe in prevention over fire fighting!

In our work with futures studies we often see needs long before others. This is the case with the aging of the population and lack of workers that is predicted to follow. For unemployment offices, employers and individuals who feel that working preventatively is important we offer two courses, "Repack" and "Baby Boomer's Golden Years".



We realize that your schedule is booked and that it can be difficult to think too far into the future. In spite of that… the retirement of the after war generation and the gap this will leave in the workforce needs to be considered. The question has been discussed for a long time as a future problem. Even if the bulk of those born after the WWII have several years before retiring it is already occurring in a few professions. The situation is worsened in certain countries when people take early retirement or are on sick leave. It is best to handle the problem before it gets out of hand. What has been considered a future problem is now today's problem. We see it as our contribution not only to make people aware of this situation, but also to provide practical solutions. "Repack" is one solution. The project has as its goal to flatten the effects of mass retirement of this large generation. It gives older people ("50+"), the chance to develop their own ideas and dreams and gives employees the opportunity to define their own conditions.

"Repack" is designed for those of you who recognize yourselves in the following situations:
You are satisfied with your job, but have dreams that haven't been actualized.
You are not satisfied with your present position and would like to do something else.
You are on sick leave largely due to stress related problems and are faced with burnout if you continue.
You are unsure if your retirement funds will be enough.
You feel that you want to contribute to society in a more meaningful way.
You feel that you want to retire in order to fulfill your dreams.

"Repack" is a project that has the purpose of:
helping with the creation of your own future
increasing your chances to work in the workplace of the future
helping you achieve increased financial security in your older years.


Project design

Every project is made up of 20 people with different professional backgrounds.
The project takes place during 20 weeks and contains 12 meetings.
Participation can mean 2 overnight stays, one in the beginning and one at the end of the project.



Many people are retiring at the same time.
Governments need a stable workforce for stability.
People have better health and live longer than ever before.
Fewer children are being born.
This gives you in retirement ages a fantastic chance to create your own future. In other words, you have the upper hand in negotiations!


Detailed Description of "Repack"
The project has two parts that are woven together.

1. A through inventory of:
A) your health and learning style
B) your values
C) your goals and desires to contribute to society
D) your own ability to negotiate
E) your personal retirement situation
2. A through inventory of:
A) global and national influences on your continued work life
B) today's trends in leadership and organization change
C) the values of youth
others values you might meet on the job


What the individual derives

Help in creating his/her future
Increased ability to work in tomorrow's workplace
Increased financial security in his/her older years


What the organization derives

Access to optimal personnel strength during the generation shift
A decrease in early retirements
Increased productivity and a revitalization of the organization
Access to personnel during work intensive, seasonal time periods
A decrease in training and introduction costs of new employees








"Baby Boomer´s Golden Years"

    The older workers roll in work life


  Baby Boomers Golden Years about older workers roll in work life is a course that has the following goals:
Participants will, before the end of the course, have been given an opportunity to think through, re- value and work with positive and negative stereotypes about older people on the job. They will even create a plan for the future given the changing work climate.





Other courses designed and taught by Natalie Dian

Values Part I (What are values?)
Values Part II (Theory)
Values Part III (Personal values)
Time and Culture
Innovation Theory
Trends and their effects
"Framtidstro" (Believing in the Future) with Margareta Ivarsson


Futures Studies:
Introduction to trends
Trend Analysis Techniques
Introduction to scenarios


Leadership Courses:
Interviewing Technique
Becoming a Supervisor
Handling Conflict
Leadership profile and competence mapping
Handling change
Presentations Technique for academics


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