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The Swedish Institute for Future Studies 

World Transformation

World                                Future Society

World Future Society

The                                World Futures Studies Federation

The World Futures Studies Federation

Boston World Future Society

Australian Foresight Institute

Audience Dialogue

The Millennium project

APF (The Association of Professional Futurists)

The Plausible Futures Newsletter

Finland Futures Research Centre

The Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies

The European DataBank

Shaping Tomorrow

Leading Futurists

The European Vegetarian Union (EVU)

Introduction to Future Studies Home Page

Firma Margareta Ivarsson

jovokutatas .lap.hu


Sustainable Start

University of Houston Futures Studies in Commerce


World Future Council

FUTUREtakes, an independent publication providing futurist thought and education to World Future Society (WFS) chapters and members worldwide, brings professions, disciplines, nations, ethnic groups and cultures together to study the future from a non-partisan perspective.

The Forum for the Future, Publisher Emerald Group Publishing. Working towards a sustainable future, this group has many projects and offers a Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development.


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