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Basic Values Charts

Our Basic Values Charts have been much appreciated. There are two charts*, one centering on human relations and the other on the world around us. A number of clients desire more time to work with values. "Values that have to do with human relations could we have talked about more if there had been time." They can be used to develop cooperation in leadership groups, in personal development and in vision development.
*Basic Values Chart 1

                                                          copyright 2002 Visionscentret FramtidsbyggetTM
Basic Values Chart 2

                                                          copyright 2002 Visionscentret FramtidsbyggetTM


Here is a selection of possible consulting services to get your thinking started. This is a flexible list. What ever your role, organization and need, contact us for tailored services

If you are: That needs:
A leader A ball-plank during a change process
A small business owner To develop your leadership skills
A leadership group Organization development
A marketing or sales group To identify new products
An individual To increase your communication competence
A team To work better together
A corporation Facilitation during scenario writing
A university Help with development of a vision
A city Environmental scanning (info gathering necessary to defining trends)
An events arranger A lecturer on futures trends in education, energy etc.
A CEO To articulate the organizations values


Examples of specific tailored courses and lectures we have previously delivered.

Effects trends and the current geo/political situation can have on offered courses. (Leading adult education company, marketing department)
Scenario process (Cities and federal departments)
Kick-off lecture for "storytelling" project (Automobile manufacturer)
Values that guide ones choice of work and career (Employment department)
Introduction to Futures Studies (High school students in Sweden and Finland)
Presentation technique (University)
Handling conflict (School counselors)
Process leadership in project format (Rural research agency)


At The Vision Center for Futures Creation we specialize in helping all types of organizations make decisions and plan for the future. Our process includes a variety of tools and processes in foresight, both qualitative and quantitative. We have knowledge in a combination of areas: systems, emerging trends, macro trends, values orientation, analysis and scenario writing.


What are scenarios?

Scenarios are narratives or stories placed in the future which are based upon integrated, quantitative and qualitative information. Scenarios are written for three or more, realistic, possible futures, using the same variables but based on different premises. Scenario writing is growing as a tool because they capture the complexity that more linear tools are unable to handle.


The advantages of scenarios

Give clarity in uncertain times where low predictability reigns.
Integrate diverse information and knowledge so that they present a living, functional picture.
Insure against missing but important changes that happen out side of an organizations area of expertise.
Focus the company or organization on possibilities rather than problems.

"Building the Future"
a Model for Futures Studies
(clikable image)

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