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The pilot project, Building the Future (FramtidsbyggetTM) had 35 participants aged 18-27. They had a variety of educational levels and backgrounds. Their original task was to, during one year, get an idea of the work of the future and a create a future job bank. After three months research in the present and the future of at least 20 different subjects, participants came to the conclusion that they would rather write about a sustainable society. Many companies and public authorities became interested in their work. One group, IVA, The Scientific Academy of Engineers, celebrated their anniversary with lectures and meetings on the future over all of Sweden and realized that they did not have any participation of the people who were to live in that future. The participants were invited to participate in panels and as lecturers and more. Due to this and the interest of other members of the greater community they even received a request of the research and development department of a large Swedish firm.
All this took time and the young adults asked our funding agency if they could have six months more to work on the project and its presentation to the community. The grant extension was granted. Participants Maria Van der Weij and Johannes Svensson completed a book draft based upon the research of their colleague's. The manuscript was polished by Kjell Scherlund, Christel Nilsson and Natalie Dian. The book became FramtidsbyggetTM and is a history of the future 2021. It is also in English under the title A Tale of the Future.


What happens when Swedish youth in the project Framtidsbygget are given a chance to reflect 25 years into the future? Their research is enough to write a book. "A Tale of the Future" presents a possible future which can be used as a starting point for creating other possible futures. This is recommended for use in class rooms with students 16 years and older.
   In the story we can follow two people, Axel and Sara, whose lives interferes with one another in many ways. Sara represents the age that the participants in the project will be in the year 2021, the time that the story tells about, and Axel is approximately the same age that the participants were when the book was written.

      The books youthful originators intended the book to: 
  • stimulate discussion on the kind of future we want
  • influence decision making toward a sustainable society
  • involve a wide range of readers by providing story based
    material for school groups (ages 12 to adults), study circles,
    book discussion groups etc.

      For a list of excersises to use in the classroom write

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